1. Click to Download the MAP Toolkit
  2. Install the MAP toolkit on a domain Joined system ; can be install on a windows server or client Virtual machine.
  3. Start MAP toolkit and create a new database
  4. Click Perform an inventory
  5. Select items to include in the inventory
  6. Select the discovery method for systems

    Choose all applicable methods here. At a minimum always select the

    • Use Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)
    • Use Windows networking protocols
    • Use SCCM (if deployed and used in the environment)
  7. Enter Active Directory Credentials
  8. Choose the active directory scope 

  9. (Optionally) Select a subset of the AD environment 

  10. Confirm any other workgroups and other domains

  11. Add credentials for Domain Administrators and VMWare

  12. Create any additional administrative credentials, You can enter multiple administrators as needed . If VMWare is integrated with AD it should allow inventory with the Domain Administrator credentials else you should enter separate credentials for VMWare

  13. Review the credential you've added 

  14. Change port information for VMWare if there is custom configuration Else use default ports

  15. Click Finish to start the Inventory collection

  16. Wait until assessment progress is completed and close 

  17. Export the data Go to File > Manage Databases

  18. Click Export, give the database export a name and save it on your desktop