Westway Sports Centre increase Facebook hits and achieve 22% clicks from Rocketseed email branding


Westway Sports Centre was set up in 1971 by Westway Development Trust, covering 23 acres of land which include one of the UK’s largest climbing centres, 12 tennis courts and 9 football pitches for the benefit of the local community. Its community programme is a major focus for the charitable community in West London.


Client Understanding


Westway Sports Centre currently make use of social media portals including Facebook to engage with members, provide news updates and to promote their latest activities. Using Rocketseed email branding to channel interest in their Facebook groups has helped to build relationships, increase visibility and generate traffic to their site.




Since the launch of their branded email marketing with Rocketseed, Westway have created a range of banner campaigns for each sport in order to segment and cross-market their facilities, as well as promoting their social media activities through email.




Climbing Facebook banner achieved 12.4% CTR to the Facebook page.


Fives department CTR as high as 22% on a banner campaign used to promote their New York challenge.



“The trust was created to be pioneer of social enterprise; to use its initiative to generate income in order to deliver a programme of community benefits to the residents of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea”


  • Martyn Freeman, Chief Executive