Tutudesk grow their database with Rocketseed email media


Tutudesk provides portable school desks to children in Sub Saharan Africa, where over 95 million school children don’t have the benefit of a classroom desk. The charity is based in South Africa and started fundraising in the UK in 2013. The Tutudesk Campaign aims to provide 20 million desks to 20 million children by 2020.


As Tutudesk UK was only launched last year, they did not have a large database of donors or supporters. Rocketseed email media was therefore a core element in their marketing strategy, to help them promote their brand in every email sent by their employees, and enable them to build their database and improve their overall marketing.


Tutudesk engage a wider audience through email media.


Tutudesk used Email media to apply marketing messages about their activities to each one-to-one email sent by employees in the course of their daily work. These campaigns were for general awareness and also included direct links to donate. As well as being able to communicate their campaign messages to potential supporters who had not opted-in to their database, by using Rocketseed analytics they were able to measure the engagement with these messages and understand which marketing was most effective. During 2013 the overall engagement was over 15%.


It was also a valuable opportunity for them to reinforce campaign messages for those who were already on their database. In their employee emails Tutudesk mirrored the key campaign messages used in their email marketing, which was sent via RocketMailer. Rocketseed enabled Tutudesk to reach 3 times the number of subscribers in their everyday email compared to that being reached on their newsletters.


Tutudesk achieve database growth


In addition to monitoring clicks, and engagement data, collated from their everyday email, email media also helped Tutudesk to understand their audience and grow their database. The Rocketseed ‘List Builder’ report collates all recipient email addresses that have been contacted by Tutudesk employees over a period of time.  This enabled Tutudesk to see who they were emailing on a regular basis across all divisions of the company.


When Tutudesk compared their newsletter database to that of their everyday contacts it was clear that the majority (over 50%) of their everyday contacts were not yet on their mailing list.


Tutudesk therefore set up an opt-in process, regularly emailing those everyday email recipients who were not on their mailing list and ask if they would like to subscribe to their newsletters.  This task quickly and easily grew their Rocketmailer newsletter mailing list and helped them to build engaged subscribers organically.

Tutudesks next steps will be to use more smart targeting via email media depending on their insights that they are learning about their database.



“Rocketseed email media is a core element in our marketing for Tutudesk.  It gives us a mechanism to grow our database and a targeted way to reach both existing and potential donors & supporters.  Email media helps us to drive donations and increase awareness, plus the analytics are helpful in giving us new insights to help our overall marketing.”


  • Sam Singh, Chairman, Tutudesk