Carton House integrates Rocketseed to increase fans and grow revenues through Facebook


Carton House is beautifully restored historic mansion in Dublin that has been discreetly converted into a modern luxury hotel.


They were early adopters of new technologies and have developed their own  iPhone app, have fully embraced social media activity and have a robust email newsletter programme in place.




Carton House began working with Rocketseed as they wanted to really maximise opportunities from their everyday emails.


Campaign Understanding


The first Rocketseed campaign for Carton House was for “UK and Ireland’s Next Top Model.” as Carton House was being used as one of the venues used for filming of the TV series.


Carton House planned an integrated campaign with Rocketseed linking their email to a Facebook offer, to increase their fan-base and drive revenue to the hotel.


Carton House used Rocketseed interactive banners on their everyday email to launch the campaign. These banners were included in every email sent by every employee creating consistent communication of this promotion, and clicked directly through to their campaign.




  • A CTR of 9.5%

  • 200 NEW Facebook fans followed through Rocketseed banners alone

  • Achieved total revenue to date of 7,500 Euro



“Rocketseed banners give us an extra dimension, helping us to grow our social media communities and revenues effortlessly, using the normal emails our team were already sending to customers and guests”