Cape Grace increases site traffic by 30% per month


The Cape Grace is a luxury 5 star hotel in Cape Town, South Africa. Its clientèle are mainly international visitors, and so most effectively reached through direct digital media.


The Hotel had only a limited budget to promote their new website and booking engine.  By being smart about their marketing in general, and by and using Rocketseed for their email, the launch was a great success and their entire development cost was recovered in less than 6 months, purely through savings on booking commissions.




As a key part of their marketing plan, Cape Grace implemented Rocketseed to drive traffic to the new website, and increase direct online bookings.


Campaign Understanding


Cape Grace used Rocketseed banners on all outgoing email, to promote specific packages and showcase their property, with each call to action linking directly to their website.




Rocketseed increased traffic to the website by an average of 30% per month since implementation. The website, booking engine and Rocketseed costs were all recovered within 6 months.