Email branding makes the British Red Cross modern and dynamic


The organisation dates back to the early 1900s, when the British National Society to Aid the Sick and Wounded reconstituted and formed the British Red Cross. Since then the British Red Cross has required a huge number of skilled volunteers in order to be able to fulfill its role and has expanded in local communities across the country. The British Red Cross Headquarters is located in Moorefields, London, employing a team with over 500 members actively working towards protecting human life and health.


Client Understanding


British Red Cross decided to implement Rocketseed for 50 users in the summer of 2008. What distinguished Rocketseed from other service providers was the easy, efficient and rapid delivery of the solution, key for a large organisation such as the British Red Cross. BRC staff send hundreds of thousands of emails every year to donors, supporters, partners and beneficiaries, and we wanted to get the most we could from this well-used communication channel, comments.


The Rocketseed newsletter application, RocketMailer is another valuable tool in the digital communication with volunteers and delegates across the country and the rest of the world.


Updates are co-ordinated on a weekly basis with relevant territory information and organisational updates. To date these types of internal communications within the organisation are pushing an additional 5-10% of targeted visitors to their website each month.




The Rocketseed solution is now a critical part of ensuring that a consistent brand image is communicated across the vital departments of the entire organisation.




Rocketseed email branding contributes up to 5%* of traffic to the company website each month. The templates are updated regularly according to the latest priorities, including appeals, fundraising and other promotions. *3% is an average click through rate.



“The emails look good and are helping promote a wide range of Red Cross activities and position us as modern and dynamic.”


  • Tim Pemberton, Head of Communication, British Red Cross