Rocketseed email banners achieve 80x more click-throughs from Rocketseed email banners than equivalent web campaigns.


  • Increase engagement to increase donations and fundraising

  • Create awareness of the extensive range of services provided

  • React quickly to disasters and launch campaigns immediately



The British Red Cross has a significant number of messages, and a diverse audience, from volunteers, to donors, corporate partners etc.  By applying assignment rules to define which branded messages are applied to which emails, they have flexibility to amend branding options immediately as priorities change.




  • 80x more clicks with Rocketseed than equivalent web campaign

  • 4x greater clicks to key web pages than those achieved from newsletters

  • 20% of visitors from emails more likely to engage with donations

  • 5x longer spent engaging with the website from banner clicks

  • Rocketseed consistently make more valuable impressions than any other channel