7Side use Rocketseed to expand their social media network, gaining followers, friends and contacts


Established for over 30 years, 7Side provides UK and international company information; credit reporting, company formation services, AML services, and property search services. 7Side has been using Rocketseed everyday email branding since January 2007 to help market its products, events and services.


Client Understanding


In the last couple of years 7side has been using Rocketseed to help expand its social media hubs, key marketing channels for communicating with customers and providing information and news updates. 7Side have been building their social media networks to generate interest, keeping customers informed and engaged with their services.




7side have used their Rocketseed banners to truly integrate their campaigns and push their key social media portals into the spotlight. Promoting Twitter or LinkedIn using the Rocketseed banners as well as signatures allows 7side to encourage existing contacts to sign up and to add or follow those using eye-catching banners which is user friendly.




With Rocketseed branding, 7Side are able to promote their social media portals and expand this message of trust. With around 5% click through rates on all Twitter banner promotions and 4.2% click through rates on their LinkedIn campaigns, 7Side are making new connections every day and widening awareness of their social media portals through existing contacts. All their banners are trackable and click alerts can be set to up to let each 7Side sender know in real time when a recipient has clicked on their banner.



“Email is the ideal medium to promote our social media campaigns because you are engaging with existing contacts and building trust. Rocketseed Mail helps us engage with current and potential customers”