Vitra obtain £150K order using Rocketseed email banners to promote their products




Visually showcase a range of their latest products to their customers and increase sales through rich media.



Vitra use email media banners in every outbound email from employees, to reach new customers and prospects with their latest product launch.




  • A 6% rise in sales attributed from specific campaigns

  • £150,000 order made from a Rocketseed banner promoting Vitra’s brand new Alberto Meda ‘Physix’ chair

  • In addition, the customer diversified their existing product offering in the B2B market and expanded their product portfolio to become Vitra’s new office dealer in the Lebanese market.



“Rocketseed email media gives us a way to promote our products and measure sales uplift.  As well as delivering clear ROI, we also have fantastic success stories like this example where a sale worth £150,000 was achieved through the Rocketseed banner; if we had just sent a plain email, we would not have won the order.”


  • Tony Ash,  Global Managing Director of Vitra