StrategicFusion Adds a New Dimension to its Brand Consistency and Professionalism


StrategicFusion is a strategic brand engagement consultancy that helps companies more effectively communicate with their internal and external audiences through envisioning insightful strategies and innovative enhanced creative solutions. Based in London, StrategicFusion works with a diverse client base, from large, reorganised and expanding businesses from the FTSE 250, to the fast-moving, embryonic achievers of tomorrow.


Client Understanding


Being in the consultancy business means that StrategicFusion’s brand and image are key. Following an exercise to reposition the company and with a new website in place, For StrategicFusion it is essential to get to a face-to-face meeting as quickly as possible with potential customers. Anything that enables this, or speeds up the process, is invaluable.




StrategicFusion was keen to ensure consistency and clarity in the way it communicated, with particular focus on its brand. StrategicFusion has a mixture of PC users and Mac users so it was important that Rocketseed branded email could support a multiple email client environment.




Within the first month of using Rocketseed branded email, StrategicFusion were achieving a click through rate of 7%.

“We were already using email stationery to achieve a degree of consistency, but in a rather crude way as it’s very limited, What Rocketseed enables us to do is present a much more professional image and an engaging means of reinforcing our brand.”

  • Stephen Rogers, Managing Director, StrategicFusion