Rees Pollock deploys Rocketseed to gain competitive edge


Established in 1990, Rees Pollock is a London-based firm of chartered accountants specialising in small to medium sized companies and partnerships. It employs 50 staff and works with entrepreneurial businesses of various sizes in a broad range of industries. These include well known high street names such as Wagamama & YO!


Client Understanding


With new business coming in largely through recommendations, Rees Pollock does not generate large amounts of marketing collateral. It does, however, regularly produce client briefing papers, such as budget updates, that traditionally have been posted to its clients. Building on the success of Rocketseed and the quality of its day-to-day email communications, Rees Pollock is now looking at other ways in which to enhance its dialogue with clients.




Rees Pollock often competes with much larger accountancy firms and therefore needs to differentiate itself against organisations that have considerably greater marketing resource. As a result, Rees Pollock always seeks to innovate and was amongst the first accountancy firms in the country to launch its own website. In keeping with its innovative approach, Rees Pollock saw Rocketseed as another opportunity to innovate, stand out and positively impact its clients through its everyday communication.




Using Rocketseed, all the company’s emails have a consistently branded header showing the company logo, which links though to Rees Pollock’s website. Additionally, each mail contains a personal business card that is bespoke for each sender. Rocketseed turns individual outgoing emails into a powerful corporate messaging tool that integrates corporate branding, inserts interactive targeted messaging, provides actionable insights and ensures legal compliance. Finally, all mails also contain an approved legal disclaimer inserted by Rocketseed to ensure 100% compliance.



“We’ve had no problems at all since implementing Rocketseed, which means that we have not had to divert resources to solving IT problems. It works well and does exactly what it says on the tin.”


  • Phil Vipond, Audit Manager, Rees Pollock