The Client


Property Club helps ordinary Australians achieve financial freedom through property investing.


For over 22 years, Property Club’s growth has been exponential, with over 20,000 Club-sourced properties purchased by its members and more than 5,000 members reaching the target of a $1million property portfolio.


The Brief / Objectives


With a database of over 44,000 members and 200 Property Mentors, Property Club’s primary aim was to transform both the style and effectiveness of their member communications and to be able to control all aspects of their brand centrally.


The Campaign


Working closely with Property Club, Rocketseed developed a 3-stage campaign, initially launching Rocketseed Email Media interactive banners and on-brand signatures for Head Office, Club Cares and Property4You.


The immediate success of these led to them being quickly rolled-out to the 17 branches across Australia for all their email communications.


The third stage was the introduction of RocketMailer newsletters, giving Property Club the flexibility to reach their entire database or to target specific segments with the most relevant messages ranging from daily updates and upcoming events to ongoing promotions and the company’s on-line magazine. Property Club now sends on average 120,000 targeted newsletter emails per month through RocketMailer.


The Results


Property Club’s email communications have been truly transformed, with the centrally controlled Rocketseed platform delivering both consistent branding and content management across the company.


By keeping messages relevant through the use of monthly-updated rotational banners, Property Club now achieves engagement of up to 10.8%.


What’s more, the critical data from both Rocketseed Email Media and RocketMailer software platforms gives Property Club an accurate measure of campaign success and the key information to optimise future marketing communications.


“Rocketseed Email Media has taken our emails to the next level. The banners embedded in our emails have extended the life of our marketing promotions and made Property Club’s business emails polished and professional.


We also love our consistent on-brand signatures. Our email campaigns using RocketMailer have been simplistic to implement and the reporting has allowed us to tweak our e-Marketing for better results. Thank you Rocketseed.”


  • Phil Hill, Chief Executive Officer, Property Club