Nashua Mobile reaps real results with Rocketseed


Nashua Mobile is South Africa’s largest, independent cellular solutions provider. More than 750,000 of South Africa’s four million plus contracted cellular subscribers are Nashua Mobile customers.


Client Understanding


Nashua Mobile sells cellular contracts, content and corporate solutions. Nashua Mobile bought Rocketseed to deliver results.




Branding, Promotions, Product Launch & Revenue Generation Nashua Mobile wanted their brand on every communication and on every medium. They wanted to promote and sell more product/service and thus increase sales and profits.




Every single email sent out by our staff showcases our brand and carries effective marketing messages that drive traffic to our website and cuts down our manual processing of customer queries. When it comes to promotions Rocketseed speaks for itself. We ran a SMS campaign solely through our Rocketseed branded email before going to any other media, where customers stood a chance of winning a quad bike worth R80,000, simply by SMS’ing a number. Before the campaign reached the other mediums we achieved over 1,135 entries at R5 each over 1 month which generated revenue that paid towards Rocketseed itself.



“If you are a company and you send email, then you need Rocketseed. The account management and support has been exemplary”.


  • Hannes Koster, Product Manager