J&M Marketing Communications introduces itself  with both classic and trendy marketing


J&M Marketing Communications provides both Mad Men-style strategic advertising and 21st Century custom websites, for its clients. Since we have clients that we not only don’t – but can’t call on, because they are 2,000 miles away, email communications have to stand in for us. Email is the portal through which current and potential clients evaluate what we offer them.


Workload that email carries


Email is the front office. It is the platform for important communications between J&M and current clients. It is the doorway that attracts new business. Our email banner leads to our website. That’s where potential clients go to reaffirm their opinion of us and what we can do for them.


Email Objectives


Viewing J&M email has to be a pleasant experience. It has to encourage the viewer to click through to our website. In return, it has to give us viewer click-throughs, so we can follow up with them. To accomplish these objectives, J&M asked Rocketseed to set up an email system. Although Rocketseed has a number of standard banners for its  clients’ use, J&M chose to create our own banner. That way a viewer sees our creativity immediately. The banner also shows our philosophy.




J&M achieves a steady 8% click through rate. Major businesses have asked us to pitch their advertising or websites.  We believe those pitch requests were influenced by the positive impression that Rocketseed created for us.