Innova Group drive sales and prove ROI with Rocketseed email branding.


Innova Group is a leading Australian-owned manufacturer and supplier of quality, flexible furniture solutions for the multi-purpose function room market.




Innova Group decided to use Rocketseed to educate their clients and potential clients about innovations and news relating to their growing product portfolio.


Campaign Understanding


Rocketseed had the ability to expose cross-sell opportunities, promote new innovations and provide product education within day-to-day communications and mass email campaigns has proven to be the most important element within Innova Group’s commercial communication strategy. The daily revenue opportunities that the Rocketseed portfolio of solutions provides is respected and relied upon by all team members.




Proven ROI with daily revenue opportunities. First day of using Rocketseed resulted in a sale that paid for license fees for 6 months. Continued sales conversions through banner clicks.



“The Rocketseed solutions continue to reward us on a daily basis. In a corporate world driven by email, we now have the ability to stand out in our clients’ crowded inbox’s and tell them things they didn’t even know they wanted to know about us; all just as a part of our everyday communication.”


  • Jamie Glaister, National Sales Manager