With such an established brand, an all-year events calendar, and an exclusive audience, Keith Prowse presents the ideal opportunity to utilise Rocketseed’s full functionality to achieve exceptional audience engagement through their everyday email branding.


Keith Prowse – the UK’s leading corporate hospitality provider


Keith Prowse is committed to innovation, customer service and delivering the ultimate memorable experience which, in turn, requires equally innovative, customer-focused, memorable marketing – which is at the heart of the company’s long-term relationship with Rocketseed.


The Brief


  • To make every email consistently-branded, fully integrated with the company’s sales and marketing mix.

  • Strategically, to build brand awareness whilst introducing a new brand identity and establishing key sub-brands.

  • Tactically, to promote individual event hospitality packages, requiring flexibility and compelling calls-to-action to drive booking conversion.


Keith Prowse’s campaigns utilise Rocketseed’s full feature-suite and functionality – from signatures and banners to alerts and analytics.


  • Email Signatures have been used to maximum effect, with bold branding, social media connectivity and interactive promotional messaging. The introduction of a new brand identity was centrally controlled with all staff automatically receiving their newly-branded signatures without having to make any changes themselves.

  • Rocketseed’s segmentation capabilities are key for Keith Prowse, allowing different employees to target different contacts with the most appropriate event and ticket offers, with customer behaviour determining future targeted messaging.

  • Timing is everything and with a full calendar, Rocketseed’s flexibility allows the uploading of unique campaigns for every event with go live and expiry dates, allowing alteration messages (e.g. for last-minute tickets) or withdraw campaigns (e.g. once sold out) immediately.


When it comes to driving sales directly, Rocketseed ensures specific recipient clicks alert the sales team with real-time alerts to follow-up, alongside reporting & analytics, showing the effectiveness of every email and shaping future campaigns.




Keith Prowse consistently elevate their everyday email to act as an exceptionally efficient marketing channel, effective at both brand-building and direct-response customer conversion, embodying the email empowerment that Rocketseed stands for.

“We needed a marketing channel that could not only consistently deliver high-quality engagement and conversion but which also offered the campaign flexibility to meet the demands of an ever-changing events calendar and fast-moving hospitality sales. Rocketseed email branding achieves these perfectly and is now a vital part of the Keith Prowse marketing mix.”


  • Sam Coates – Head of Marketing