London & Partners is a not-for-profit public-private partnership, funded by the Mayor of London and a network of commercial partners. Their aim is to attract overseas businesses, events, congresses, students and visitors to London and help London businesses go global.




London & Partners work across different business areas that include promoting International business, Leisure tourism and Sporting & Cultural events. Rocketseed is used as an extension of their marketing mix, using an otherwise underutilised channel to increase campaign reach. The banners objectives are to showcase what they do, increase awareness and attendance of forthcoming events and drive traffic directly to their website.


The wide remit they cover was a key appeal in why they wanted to use Rocketseed; the ability to simultaneously promote each campaign.


The channel also provides a wider audience reach, enabling them to disseminate the materials they produce quickly and easily. This is key in promoting Videos, campaign hashtags that encourage conversation, and date specific campaign launches, to deliver the right message at the right time.




A major campaign initiative was ‘Go To Grow’, targeted to help London businesses expand internationally. This campaign was in partnership with the Mayors International Business Programme and the European Union Development Fund. A strong call to action encouraging people to apply to the programme was used, and live real-time click alerts were activated. London & Partners were already speaking to people that may have been interested in participating but weren’t necessarily aware of the project. Not only was the campaign getting extra exposure with every email sent, they were also able to see in real time when someone clicked on the banner.


This particular campaign message had over 31,000 brand impressions over a four month time period. Total engagement was over 14%, highlighting the success of utilising their one to one email channel.



“Rocketseed live reporting enabled our team to easily identify which companies were interested in our projects. This was great for giving us warm lead insight and helping us follow up efficiently, and of course making more people aware of what we do and can offer!”


  • Jo Traynor, Marketing Manager, London & Partners