English Table Tennis Association Grow Their Web Traffic


Rocketseed help The English Table Tennis Association to grow their web traffic, achieving higher engagement rates than both their email newsletter and online advertising, and contributing over 12% of their total website traffic.


The English Table Tennis Association (ETTA) is the governing body of table tennis in England. ETTA was keen to explore new avenues to deliver key marketing messages, increase engagement with their audience and drive more traffic to their website.


Prior to working with Rocketseed, ETTA did not have any brand consistency in their employee emails and had no way of measuring engagement from any banners added to email signatures.


Client Understanding


ETTA chose Rocketseed email media to help them align their brand and marketing in all emails sent by employees in their organisation. In particular ETTA wanted to benefit from Rocketseed’s smart segmentation tool, which enables them to differentiate their messaging by sender, department or recipient, so that the marketing messages are always relevant to their audience.


ETTA used the Rocketseed banners to promote a wide variety of campaigns that appealed to their different audiences. These included membership renewals, promotions for events, discounted offers on World Cup tickets, downloadable programmes for schools and clubs nationwide, and information on getting involved with Table Tennis after the success of the London Olympics.


The email media applied to each outlook email links directly to their website, content, or social media pages, and the ability to segment their marketing messages, and promote multiple campaigns  led to much better click through results than they achieve with other channels.


ETTA regularly review their results using Rocketseed email Analytics and the information enables them to understand which campaigns are successful and more importantly understand more about what their customers are interested in.


One specific campaign that was featured on the Rocketseed banners enabled ETTA to grow traffic to that section of the websites by 1617%.


In Quarter 1 of 2013, ETTA evaluated their marketing and media channels and nearly 12% of their website traffic was shown to come from Rocketseed banners.  The response rate from Rocketseed banners was also higher than advertising on email newsletters and almost four times more than their website advertising.



“At ETTA we are always open to exploring new ways of reaching our audiences and Rocketseed is a key example of this.  We now use Rocketseed as a key component in our marketing mix and the results speak for themselves.”


  • Bill Shearer, Operations Manager, ETTA