Rocketseed is one of our top web traffic drivers.


Digicape is an independent online reseller of Apple products and offers specialised expertise on all apple products. They also offer customised solutions for hardware, software and networking requirements.


One of their main goals is to act as an extension to businesses by supplementing the existing technical solutions team or to operate as a full outsource partner.


Their offerings are complete production solutions, from high-end Apple desktop and server hardware to video production consoles, storage subsystems, inter-networking and true colour output matching.


In addition to being authorized resellers of Adobe, Apple and Microsoft amongst other specialised software from third party developers, they drive to make technology and learning accessible to everyone. Being an online store they rely mainly on people visiting their website to drive revenue.


Digicape required a powerful interactive tool to communicate with their audience and encourage them to visit their website to look at online products and other offerings. Self-management was key, along with the benefits of being able to accurately measure increased traffic to their website and to track social media engagement.


Digicape signed up for a Rocketseed account in 2012 and has received full training to manage the system themselves. With every email that we send out, we were able to expand our brand awareness and cross sell across all our products and services by banner rotation.


Rocketseed proved to be a very powerful tool that enabled us to communicate effortlessly with with existing and potential clients.


We are able to measure the results by accurate reporting and keep an eye on exactly how many new customers we being directed to our website through everyday emails that we send out.


  • More than 4000 new visitors to our web page

  • Increased social media interaction

  • Measurable client interaction

  • Active sales leads generated from report analysis