Channel 5 use Rocketseed branding to promote the Big Brother launch and boost viewing figures


Channel 5 made their first broadcast on 30th March 1997 becoming Britain’s fifth and final terrestrial broadcaster. The channel has grown from strength to strength, providing viewers with a varied mix of programs including entertainment, sport, documentaries, kids, drama, news and films. Currently the channel has over 30 million UK viewers in any given week and audience figures continue to grow. Channel 5 was purchased by media group Northern & Shell in August 2010 from long standing shareholder, RTL, and the channel continues to maintain a strong on-screen presence.




After Channel 5 secured the popular reality TV program ‘Big Brother’ in April 2011, the cross-channel promotion of the show across the country ranged from billboards to email banners. The aim was to ensure that the launch message was seen and heard by as many people as possible and that the viewing figures would be maximised when the show was aired.


Client Understanding


Channel 5 have been using Rocketseed to brand their emails since February 2006, promoting the latest program launches and television times to widen audiences and strengthen the brand.


Each month Channel 5 employees send an average of 90,000 branded employee emails across the company to external contacts promoting their latest popular program times and new program launches. Rocketseed branded email has consistently helped to raise awareness of the channel’s latest programs using everyday business email whilst reinforcing the new ‘Channel 5’ brand under the Northern and Shell ownership.




Rocketseed provided Channel 5 with a key digital avenue to showcase launch banners for both ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ and ‘Big Brother.’ The banner displayed ‘Coming Soon’ messages, as well as ongoing ‘Every Night’ promotions, whilst the shows were airing. On average Channel 5 sent around 15,000 banner impressions per month through Rocketseed, over August, September and October, providing wide exposure for the new program. Channel 5 continue to use Rocketseed as a reliable way to promote new programs and integrate their campaigns through their everyday email.