Rocketseed Measures Customer Service Levels for Cardinal


Deploying Rocketseed across our organization is one of the smartest business decisions we have ever made.


Founded in 1998 Cardinal Insurance Management Systems has for more than a decade, consistently proven itself as the market leader in the delivery of cutting edge IT solutions for the South African Short-Term Insurance market. Cardinal is a Private Company owned by the three founding Directors.


Client Understanding


Email has become the primary business communication tool for Cardinal when corresponding with their clients. As a software vendor in a competitive marketplace, Cardinal places a high premium on the quality and level of customer service they provide.




Cardinal needed to implement an innovative solution that would monitor customer service levels across the organization and respond in real time. All customer facing services and support staff had a banner applied to every outbound email which included an individual personal message informing clients that Cardinal service levels were being monitored and requesting them to rate their services – “POOR, AVERAGE, GOOD and GREAT”. Using multiple links and click alert features from Rocketseed all recipients had to do was click on one of the options and a generated email alert was delivered in real time to a central customer services inbox constantly monitored by Cardinal.




The click notification alert contains details of who responded, when they responded and what their rating was. This allows Cardinal to monitor the results and to contact the client in real time to establish and resolve a situation if need be. This instantly improves customer service and staff productivity as well as opportunity to reduce management costs.


Cardinal also overcame a challenge with Rocketseed to find and implement a solution that integrated seamlessly with their current email client and systems with the added benefit of including all the features and functionality that enabled them to achieve their objectives.



“Deploying Rocketseed across our organization is one of the smartest business decisions we have ever made. What is most amazing is we solved a real business problem and secured all these benefits by doing nothing extra, in fact just what we always have – send emails”.


  • Graham Harvey, Owner and Founding Director, Cardinal Insurance