Timely, branded emails cut ice with BSG’s customer understanding


Since 1987, Business Systems Group (BSG) has developed its capabilities, experience and expertise to design, deploy and operate all or part of its clients’ IT infrastructure and applications.




BSG first started using Rocketseed in August 2005 to get its marketing messages out in an innovative way and to communicate them consistently to customers through the company’s 180 employees. Working seamlessly with BSG’s Lotus Notes™ email platform, Rocketseed is used to promote BSG’s brand and range of services and solutions on an ongoing basis.


Campaign Understanding


It was the London Tube strike in January 2006 that led to one of BSG’s most successful marketing campaigns thanks to Rocketseed. A strike was announced with only five days’ notice, BSG needed to easily notify people of the tube strike (or other major incidents) at short notice. BSG put together in a matter of hours a new Rocketseed email template.




Not only did it highlight the cost to businesses of unplanned events like the Tube strike, it also promoted BSG’s Business Continuity and Remote Working solutions to help counteract the effects, and costs, of such unplanned incidents. Over the days that followed, the email achieved a click through rate of 6% and generated 8 sales enquiries, which could then be followed up by BSG sales staff.



“I was quite cynical at first as I thought email marketing had had its day. I didn’t expect a higher click through rate than normal direct marketing campaigns of around 1%. Now I am completely convinced – response rates of over 8% speak for themselves.”


  • David Carmichael, Head of Marketing, Business Systems Group