G3 Comms enables organisations all over the world to optimise their unified communications and align them with business needs. Offering unrivalled technical expertise and integration skills, they bring together world-class technology, in-house software applications to deliver bespoke solutions to their customers, helping them increase efficiencies and accelerate ROI.




  • Change the perception from being an Avaya only reseller to solution provider

  • Improve their brand awareness and corporate identity

  • Centrally control email signatures

  • Extend campaign reach




Rocketseed allows the marketing team to control design and messaging, while IT manage company-wide signatures applied to every employee email.  Banner campaigns were introduced to inform existing clients and prospects of G3 Comms full range of services and offerings. The integration allows different teams to have relevant marketing messages, targeted to their client or prospect. All interaction is available in Rocketseed reporting, including real-time click alerts generating new lead information for the sales team to follow up accordingly.




G3 Comms receive up to 20% engagement by targeting campaigns and promoting a range of products and services to encourage cross-selling to their clients.



“By adopting Rocketseed banners, we are able customise the offerings and campaigns and target customers and prospects strategically, as well as enabling the sales team to follow up the engagement and increase the awareness of our services. This has proven to be effective to reveal hidden opportunities among customers and prospects”


  • Keyleen Reyes, Head of Marketing, G3 Comms.