The ROI from Academia ERP has a much bigger
“R” (Return) than “I” (Investment)

Academia helps you save over 15% of the costs incurred on key administrative and academic services provided by an institute. A software like Academia provides for minimizing spending on staff for student administration during processes such as student enrolment, fee collection at the time of admission process (Collecting the fee online allows for easier transaction handling) and data management (Student's records and other details are directly captured in system which creates for a central database).
With Academia, you will not only enjoy financial savings but you can also get higher growth in productivity, efficiency and can also achieve overall improvement in the performance of the institute with enhanced transparency in day-to-day operations.
Academia provides significant returns on investments in just a matter of a year from the day of implementation. Let us see, how Academia ensures gains for an institute:
  • Lesser Paperwork during Admissions
  • Reduction in administrative work hence, increased teaching time.
  • The real time data intelligence/Synchronization improves the visibility of data across all the modules.
  • Effective Communication between Students & Faculties.Higher savings in Inventory costs, majorly the Stationery costs.
  • Prompt decision making with more than 500 reports across the modules.
Based on an Empirical study across 20 institutes we find the impact of Academia on the various activities to be very substantial; please see the graph below to understand the impact.
ROI Example

At a prominent University in South India, Academia was Implemented and it has since created a huge impact; to make the same evident we put in the statistics of this University in an ERP Return On Investment (ROI) calculator which makes it evident that if a solution is implemented effectively it yields much higher Returns than the Investment made.

Table 1 above depicts the base line values at the university and the respective benefits which are realized after implementation of Academia, these benefits seem small when looked at in this table, but when the same are transformed to
show the impact on the Cash Flow Statements (Table 2), these very factors give huge impact to the net savings the University achieves in 5 just years' time.

When we take the data from table 2; we can see the impact that Academia makes on the revenue and savings of an organization. We see that the implementation of Academia ERP at the university results in an IRR of 139% per annum, which again proves the point that the Return from Academia ERP is much Higher than the Investment.

Let us explain the high IRR which is on account of the following benefits:
  • Improved Customer Service.
  • Reduced Operating Expenses.
  • Reduced Inventory.

Improved Customer Service.
Customer Service improvements are an important benefit derived from an ERP implementation, but they can be difficult to quantify and often very subjective.
The subjective part of this analysis is the customer service premium. This is a broad percentage that represents the benefit we drive from improved customer service as a result of ERP. With the successful implementation of Academia ERP Education Institutes can immediately start making a difference by providing a better Customer Service. It starts right from Enquiry management where this suite ensures that every enquiry is followed properly making the institute profit from capturing every opportunity but also allows them to follow these enquiries with tools and techniques that allow the customer to feel contended and creates a confidence from the first step. Features like payment of fees online, raising requests and queries further increases the level of Satisfaction. One of the significant factors which we may notice is the Android Application and Parent portal which Academia provides, this renders the whole system to be transparent and allows parents to keep an eye on all the activities that their child undergoes at an institute.
Improved customer service helps the institute realize greater gains in two ways, first and more substantial is that the institutes are able to charge more based on their enhanced infrastructure benefits, which also turns up the brand equity for the institute. Brand equity growth is a gradual process and thus it creates a humongous impact on a 5-year financial analysis.The institute also gains by converting more enquiries into admissions (admissions found to go up between 1% to 3%) by the use of effective and robust enquiry management system which comes as a standard product feature with Academia ERP.

Reduced Operating Expenses.
Many Institutes that successfully implement ERP find that they can – operationally – grow at a rate that exceeds their headcount growth rate. Put another way we can say that the need of adding new manpower decreases substantially but the institute and the student size keeps growing at an increasing pace. Academia ERP does the exact same thing and helps an Institute to unlock its true potential at the expense of less people for the administration purposes. The Automation and digitization of workflow creates excellent avenues for lesser man hours being put into administrative activities and more time being spent on creating a better quality education for students.
The reduction of workflow processes is very evident at the time of admissions as due to the digitization of these processes the university can manage admission process and formalities with 60% less man power being allotted for this process.
An education institute at its heart has a core value to provide the best quality education which must metamorphose students into excellent personalities, ready for the complex world. Academia help organizations achieve this important goal as it reduces the redundant processes; brings in improved efficiency and helps in creating true customer value; in turn significantly increasing the brand equity and revenue generation capabilities for the Institute at way lower Operating Costs. It can be safely estimated that Academia right from its implementation starts to impact the operational costs by a minimum of at least 15% per annum.

Reduced Stationery Costs.
Academia Automates all tasks and also creates a hierarchal structure towards any kind of approvals and records all the information digitally with highest data security algorithms. Apart from automating the processes Academia also crates avenues of digitizing most of the activities in turn saving a lot in the costs spent on procuring various stationery items. In universities every small expenditure eventually adds up to a lot of money being blocked, Academia ERP allows one to unlock the digital potential for a university and saves in time and eventually the stationery costs. The savings achieved can be of the magnitude between 15% to 20% of the annual expenditure done on stationery items.

All in all it is safe to say that Academia's Implementation is the best decision
Universities and Colleges can take.