In addition to scheduling events in Google Calendar, G Suite users in your organization can book resources that people share. The most common example is a meeting room. Other examples might include projectors, company fleet cars, guest offices, recreation equipment, or any other resource people might schedule a time to use.

You can add up to 10,000 resources for your company or in each domain. 

  1. In your Google Admin console (at

  2. Go to Apps > G Suite > Calendar > Resources.

    Requires having the Buildings and resources administrator privilege.

  3. Point to and click Add  Add .
  4. Enter the resource information. Select one of these types:
    • Conference room: Resources used for meetings or conferences that can be as small as a phone room. 
    • Other: Resources that aren’t used for meetings. For example, a Jamboard, bicycle, or company car. 
  5. Click Add Resources.
Note: After you add a calendar resource, it may take up to 24 hour for it to become available in everyone's calendar.