As an administrator, you can examine potential security risks, measure user collaboration, track who signs in and when, analyze administrator activity, and much more. You can view domain-level data alongside granular, user-level details through graphs and tables.

Highlights—See overviews of key metrics and trends in your organization including app usage, users status, file visibility, and security.

Key highlights from the graph

  • Shows the number of weekly active users (users who sign in at least once a week) for Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Classroom, and Google+, or all of them, collectively.
  • A number of Google+ components and integrations (for example, Hangouts, YouTube comments, and Photos) are unbundled from the core Google+ product. The graph now shows only the users of Google+. 
  • The active users number includes users who access Calendar via the web and users who send write requests (make changes to Calendars and events) via the API. 
  • You can change the timespan (use the drop-down menu at the top right) for the graph to 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months.

1. File Sharing activity 

As a G Suite administrator, use the "File sharing activity" section to view your organization's exposure to data leaks, both internally and externally. You can select a time span of 1 day, 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months from the drop-down menu to see the visibility of every file that was shared in your domain.

External shares—Number of files that were shared externally by users in the domain during the selected time window: 

  • Public - files that are made publicly available
  • Anyone With Link - files made available to anyone with the link
  • Outside Domain - files shared explicitly with individuals or groups outside the domain

Internal shares—Number of files that were shared or private by users in the domain during the selected time window:

  • Anyone In Domain - files that are shared with anyone in the domain 
  • Anyone In Domain With Link - files that are shared with anyone in the domain with link
  • Inside Domain - files that are shared explicitly with a user or group within the domain
  • Private - files that are not shared at all.

Investigating file sharing activity

As a G Suite administrator, investigate when files were shared and by whom:

  1. Click numbers in the summary statistic for internal or external sharing events within the File sharing activity section. This will bring you to the Security reports.
  2. Find out which users made files visible externally, and ensure they're aware of your organization's data sharing policies.
    If the File sharing activity numbers indicate users share files indiscriminately, consider establishing stricter file sharing guidelines for your organization or configuring more secure default settings for Drive.